PHP File Handling

If you are web developer, then you may need to deal with files.  Because file handling is an import part in PHP, so you may need to open and process the files using the file functions. So in this chapter, we will explain you how you can read a file using PHP functions.

readfile() Function in PHP

The readfile() function in PHP, reads any file. While using the readfile() function, you have to make sure that the file exists on the same path as mentioned with the readfile() function braces otherwise it will generate an error if file doesn’t exists.

Example of readfile() function

In the example above, we used a file named “thephpguide.txt”. So it will display all content whatever we have written in the file.

But in the real life program, we may need to read a big .xml file and we may need to fetch all data from that file based on some conditions.

So, we will explain all the commonly used file functions in our other chapter and we hope you will be able to do it easily whenever needed in the program.


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