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The full form of PHP is “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP is an open source language which is mainly used for “Web Development” but you write advanced level of scripts using PHP language.

PHP History

The very first version of PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. The basic version of PHP was called “Personal Home Page” which was used for tracking visits to the online pages. But over time, Rasmus Lerdorf rewrote the PHP scripts to use it on a large scale. And the modifications, it was capable for database connectivity and was used for small dynamic websites.

In April 1996, a new version of PHP was launched and at this stage it was having alot of features and now it can be used a programming language. It supports mSQL, DBM and Postgres95 databases, user-defined function and cookies also.

Example #1 PHP Code

The latest version PHP 5 was released in July 2004. It was driven by its core “the Zend Engine 2.0″  with a completely new object model and several other newly developed features. 

Simple Code is written below to display some basic text values:


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